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The LOW-CARBON-HOME  by CMS-turnkey s.r.o.

  • Save Energy and reduce your personal carbon footprint with reasonable expense
  • CMS-turnkey will guide you through the process from design all the way to building your dream home
  • We will make sure that your future home is built to the highest standards by our experienced team and selected subcontractors
  • You the customer will make the informed decision on your personal home and selects the approach and goal to provide a healthy living environment with low energy consumption
  • All systems and technologies we propose to you have a proven track record, are commonly available and will ensure that you will have a true comfortable, easy to live in and efficient home
  • CMS-turnkey will offer to you options to build a traditional brick and mortar structure or several different structural wood systems for your family home
  • We will work with you in selection of all exterior and interior finishes to ensure the overall energy and ongoing cost of the house will fit your budget
  • If we have kindled your interest feel free to contact us for more details